Womens Butts

Womens Butts

Why Men Crave Women With Big Butts.

It is not surprising that when asked for their specifications in women, the average man wants a woman who has a got a big, round, and sexy derriere.

The obsession of men with big butts is something that leaves folks wondering what exactly is it about big butts that send them in a frenzy when they see one.

It is so bad that the average man gets transfixed in a spot, goes speechless for few seconds when they see a woman with big butts walk pass.

That scenario is always a hilarious thing to encounter, at the same time bringing up the big question of Why Are Men Obsessed With Women With Big Butts?

Reasons Men Love Women With Big Butts?

Big Butt Are The Rave Of The Moment.

The fact that the entertainment industry has pitched its tent with big booty women is not making it any easier for men to look away from big butts.

We have lots of music videos, social media images, and magazine pictures flaunting and glorifying women with big butts. 

This is making not just the men, but the general public to fall in love with the big booty.

The women folk are not left out of this obsession, as the one who got it from their mamas are flaunting it endlessly.

 While does who have been deprived of the big butt, by either their genetics or the dormant butt syndrome are going after butt enhancement procedures such as butt augmentations, butt injections, butt pills, and butt creams.

Child Birth Reasons

According to scientific study and facts, there is every possibility for women with bigger booty to escape infertility and childbearing challenges.

This means that unlike the women with small and flat butts, big booty women will survive childbirth complications a hundred percent more than women with small booty women.

Tell us why men won’t love big booty women because of this significant reason. No man wants a wife who might have difficulty in conception and childbirth.

Makes Sex Enjoyable

Having sex with a woman with big booty is one of the best things to happen to any man.

The big booty helps the man have a stronghold, i.e., it serves as an anchor for the man when he is a particular sex style, for example, the doggy, this would help him penetrate deeper.

Not only that, big booty is a handful, and no man can get tired of running their hands all over.

Big Booty Turns Them On

Of a truth, big booty is a sight for sore eyes. There is a way a woman with big booty stirs the loins of men.

There is just this attraction and affinity that men have for the protruded backside, which they don’t have for flat asses.

Big Booty Women Give Birth To Smart Children

Gordon G. Gallup Jr., a psychologist of the University of Albany, has propounded the theory that women with bigger butts tend to produce intelligent children, due to the polyunsaturated fats in the buttocks.

Professor Will Lassek, a Pittsburgh University’s Public Health Epidemiologist also buttressed this point by saying that, the fat in the thighs and buttocks are rich in Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), which is an essential part of the human brain.

It is no surprise that men would love to associate with women who can produce the next Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla.

Blame It On The Culture 

There are some places in the world, most especially the African countries, where a woman with big booty is seen as more sophisticated and mature, than the woman with flat butts. It is an unspoken and unwritten orientation that men should go after women with a big booty, because they make better wives and mothers.


Men’s obsession and love for big booty are not ending anytime soon, not with the way lots of women are rushing to get their butts enlarged one way or the other.

With the way this number is increasing by the day, there is a probability that in years to come, there would be less flat butt women in the world.

And for these flat butt women, all hope is not lost.

To join the moving train of big booty, there is a way to enhance the butts with safe, innocuous, and non-toxic butt enhancement supplements and butt enhancer creams, manufactured by the best butt enhancement brand in the history of butt enhancement brands, which is CurvyPure Butt Enhancement Brand.

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