Why CurvyPure and not surgery?

The Brazilian Butt lift is now commonplace in the world. It is common among female celebs. It involves the lifting, resizing, improving the contour of the butt and its underlying tissues.  A Brazilian butt lift may be warranted by the loss of weight, pelvic disfigurement and most times physique cravings.

It practically involves taking fats from unwanted places in the body and infusing it into the gluteal area to enlarge the buttocks. For surgical success to be achieved, the fat must be injected into a blood supplied tissue.

 This can be highly detrimental if done wrong. A wrongly injected fat can find its way into the bloodstream thereby blocking oxygen (fat mbolism). If it gets to the lungs, it stops the supply of oxygen to the bloodstream and causes a stroke if it gets to the brain which is quite fatal.

A survey conducted in 2017 reported that 692 surgeons across the universe carried out an investigation on Brazilian butt lift patients and in all during their careers recorded 32 cases of death as a result of fat embolism. Other cases (103) were non-fatal.

Recent research uncovered that fat embolism was identified as the primary cause of death in aesthetic surgery. Reported cases of deaths in the US have been triggered by autopsy reports of fats being detected in the lungs and heart. Some evidence was also found on damaged gluteal blood vessels. After effects of butt surgeries can also include gangrene and sepsis which are quite fatal too.

Isn’t butt lift a pyrrhic victory?

Why undergo surgery when the cost implication outweighs the reward? When there are proven natural means that are free of any side-effects whatsoever? We all know the story of the Trojan horse that seemed like a gift until it was proven otherwise.

In an aesthetic society where good looks have been made to be crucially dependent on surgeries no matter the costs, most surgeons deem it fit to exonerate themselves off any claim or blame by intimating the patients with the risks of surgical processes.  Surgeons should make the safety of patients very paramount.

Why CurvyPure?

CurvyPure is a natural beauty system that rewards you with a silhouette physique without side-effects. It comes in an excellent dual-pack system in butt enhancing pills and butt lotions. Both are targeted at fixing and infusing fats in the areas you want, remember fat isn’t the enemy.

Curvypure butt pill is made from a natural blend of herbal extracts like maca, fenugreek, kelp, wild yam root, and similar sorts. These extracts have been tested and found rich in developing desired fats and building a strong musculature.  

The butt enhancing lotion is skin friendly, formulated with an extract called sarsasapogenin which is extracted from an exotic Asian herb known as anemarrhena asphodeloides commonly found in Chinese medicines. These extracts aid the growth of fatty tissues in the gluteal area making for a rounder and plumper butt.

Curvypure redirects estrogen to formulate fats in the gluteal areas accounting for wider hips, fuller butts.

So you now know that that Brazilian butt can be gotten without having to undergo surgery because we at Curvypure have taken your health into thorough consideration and as such come up with butt enhancing system that is free of any side-effects, we deal with the natural.

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