How To Make Your Butt Bigger ?

How To Make Your Butt Bigger ?

how to get a bigger butt without exercise? 

We all want bigger derrieres for differing reasons; many want better body proportions, some others, on the other hand, lost some curves with weight loss. Whatever your reason may be and as long as you’re a healthy adult, you should consider any of the methods below.

However, while we highly recommend that you chose a non-invasive option like workouts/exercises, butt pills, butt lotions, and diet instead of cosmetic procedures like implants and butts lifts, because of the many complications and risks sometimes attached with those, the decision, ultimately is yours to make in the end.

what is a brazilian butt lift ?

If you are like many who may find it hard to devote enough time to butt workouts and can afford an expensive butt lifting procedure, then you might want to consider plastic surgery. If you go this route, fat transfer is a good choice. However, one of the requirements of getting a fat transfer and consequently a butt lift is having ample amounts of fat in selected parts of the body.

If you’re naturally skinny, you may not be a good candidate for this procedure as the less fat you have, the less there is available for transfer.

Fat is taken from an area of the body via liposuction. The suctioned fat is filtered and carefully injected into the butts. It’s a win for you both ways as you get rid of unwanted fats in one area and then bulk up behind.

The procedure may take up to three hours to perform and is usually under general anesthesia. Recovery takes about two weeks.

As fat sometimes tend to melt back into the body after a while, you may want to consider investing in a buttock enhancement cream and buttock enhancement supplements for use as well.

Exercises/Butt workouts

Going under the knife for a cosmetic procedure isn’t something you’d consider? Butt exercises are fantastic options. The key is to target your glutes. Exercises like weight lunges, squats, and climbing stairs are great options. While these workouts styles can be effective alone, you can aid the process with butt enhancer cream that works and butt supplement.

Specific yoga poses can also help to increase the size of the butt and can be carried out while going about your regular activities so you have no excuses :). For example, you can exercise any time you sit by flexing your butt.

You must understand that exercises take time to get results, and often requires a lifelong dedication to workouts to create and maintain the “gained” butt, which is a good thing if you consider that the daily fitness and butt routines will help keep you stronger and healthier. 

Butt implants

For skinny patients who do not have sufficient body fats for fat transfer, another buttock augmentation option to consider is butt implants. With butt implants, you do not need butt lifting creams, butt enhancement supplements and rigorous exercises for butt building.

And unless you’re having problems with the implants, they may never have to be changed or removed. A butt implant procedure like the butt lift is performed under general anesthesia and takes about two hours to complete and recovery can take up to two weeks.

So, gearing up for a bigger butt? Need that booty looking stunning before summer? You have the options above to choose from, and while we’d advise you stick with safer and risk-free methods such as diet, exercises, buttock supplements, and creams; it’s still left for you to decide in the end.

And if you’re looking to get a curvier rear without the rigors of butt exercises or surgery, then order Curvypure top quality plant-based butt plumping system guaranteed to fetch outstanding results within just days of use.


Butt Enlargement Solutions You Can Try

would you like to know about “how to make your butt bigger? “

Often, we can’t help but wonder how celebrities like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian got those awesome booties, well sculpted, and powerful enough to stop anyone on their tracks.

Natural? We have no idea!

But one thing we’re sure of is this; behind most unbelievably perfect booties are details often masked: surgeries, million dollar solution, butt lift creams, and buttock enhancement pills.

Getting the same backside as your favorite celebrity is possible, but you must put in some work, and some money sometimes.  With some thousands of dollars’ worth procedures failing every time, a lot have had success with low-cost alternatives. You see, a big butt doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

And over the years, we’ve seen many butts lifting creams and butt pills from various manufacturers flooding the market. Some have proved to be effective, others? Embarrassingly fake!

In this article, we will be focusing on practical methods that help you get bigger butt in no time.

Exercise for Bigger Butt

Listed below are some of the most effective butt lifting exercises to try out


Lunges are every woman’s favorite because they are comfortable to do. This exercise targets your thighs, hips, glutes, and legs. While you can’t entirely change your body, you can sculpt out your dream booty through some exercises.

If you’re looking to get an all-round curvaceous figure, lunges are worth it.

There are various types of lunges, but for a start, you should focus on the easiest yet effective ones.



Crunches are terrific exercises for butt enlargement. 10 – 15 reps of crunches in addition to squats and lunges make your butt bigger, firmer and rounder. Dedicating an hour or two every day for these light workouts improves your chances of getting bigger butt in the space of 30 days.

And guess what? There are tons of these butt workout styles on the internet. You should look them up!

Eat Right

The most frequent question that people usually ask is how to make our butt bigger. Eating right alongside the best buttock enhancer cream and butt supplement will fetch you the highly sought after butts without spending much. Proteins help with muscle growth and also maintain lean muscles.

Foods with high protein content include chicken, milk, fish, eggs, and beans. Include at least one of these into your daily diet alongside butt lifting exercise like lunges for quick results.

What to eat for bigger butt ?

Foods rich in protein

The most frequent question that people usually ask is how to make our butt bigger. Eating right alongside the best buttock enhancer cream and butt supplement will fetch you the highly sought after butts without spending much. Proteins help with muscle growth and also maintain lean muscles.

Foods with high protein content include chicken, milk, fish, eggs, and beans. Include at least one of these into your daily diet alongside butt lifting exercise like lunges for quick results.


Proteins build your muscles, but you need an adequate amount of energy to fuel your workout, carbs offer you that fuel you need. Good carbs such as legumes, grains remains some of the best you can get.

Other food types include; healthy beverages, vegetables, and fruits.


For those looking for a quick fix other than surgery, non-surgical methods like injection is an alternative Instead of going under the knife; injectables injected into the butt tissues to induce enlargement.

Cosmetics Surgery

Surgery remains the quickest method of getting your desired booty in the shortest possible time. No need to sweat over exercises, butt pills or butt enhancement supplements.

However, cosmetics surgery remains the riskiest and most expensive butt enhancement solution available. Some operations have gone so bad it left severely deformed.

Also, it incurs more expenses as you have to check back regularly. Surgery remains an alternative for most women who aren’t patient enough to work their way to bigger butts through exercise and other safer solutions such as butt enhancement lotions and supplements.

Butt Enhancement Creams and Pills

Why go under the knife when you may spend more trying to keep your shape intact and you have very little guarantee it’s going to come out perfect upon completion?

Through buttock enlargement pills and butt lifting creams, many have seen a significant increase in their butt without spending so much money, but there’s a problem. How do you know which butt lift creams works?

You’re right to get skeptical about trying out these solutions, but with Curvypure, you’re on your way to getting curved, perky and firmer butt in no time. Curvypure is formulated from plant-based ingredients for zero-side effects and long-lasting changes.

In the end, the decision is yours to make, but you could try out a butt enlargement supplement and butt cream that works like Curvypure before opting for a more extreme alternative.

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