Glute Activation Exercises

Glute Activation Exercises

It is no longer news that ladies all over the world, have developed a strong love and craving for a bigger, rounder and well-toned butt

The craving is so evident in the way they surf the web, for how to enhance their butts.  According to some interesting facts gathered, the percentage of women on Google searching for butt enhancement websites, and clinking different links to several butt enhancement tips, is rising by the day.

This fact shows that lots of women with smaller butts are going out of their comfort zones, to get their dream butts

Who would blame them though, when public figures like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashians, are giving us some mouthwatering big butts goals that would make any woman crave their gorgeous backsides.

The journey to achieving bigger and rounder butts starts from taking a step. And one common and practical action that women take in getting big butts is engaging in butt enhancement exercises. These exercises, including the one to be discussed below, are known to have helped lots of women, change their butt stories successful.

Butt Enhancement Exercises That Can Make Your Butts Bigger And Rounder.

Frog Jumps

This is going to sound very funny to lots of folks, as the frog jump work out routines are not so famous in many bodybuilding web posts and fitness lectures. And of course the frog pose is quite funny, but that doesn’t rule out the fact, that frog jumps are useful in building the glutes, abdominal and thigh muscles.


  • Stand upright with your legs at about 3 to 4 feet apart.
  • Bend in a squat position, with your butt very close to the floor.
  • Do the mighty plunge forward, going as high as you can go, your arms over your head.
  • Land gently back in your squat position, your hands touching the floor in between your legs.
  • Do four jumps forward and another four backward thrice.

Your butts, thighs, and abdomen would feel the pressure of these killer jumps, but it is worth it if you want big butts.

How “Curtsy Lunge “ Can Make Your Butts Bigger And Rounder ?

 This type of lunge is best for building thighs and enhancing the butt muscles.


  • Stand upright first.
  • Place your left leg behind the right one, in a way that both thighs cross.
  • Then bend your knees like you are curtsying.
  • Stay in this position for some seconds
  • Stand and switch legs
  • Do four sets of 10 to 13 reps.

Kettlebell Swings

 For this routine, you need a kettlebell to help you achieve the maximum result.  This exercise is one tedious exercise that pays off, regardless of the pressure and pain you might experience while at it.


  • Hold a kettlebell in between your legs.
  • Stand with your legs wide apart, the kettlebell still in between your legs.
  • Then bend in a ‘hip hinge pose’, i.e., end with your butt thrusting out, back straight and your knees bent.
  • Swing the kettlebell forward and backward 5 top 10 times, in 3 sets.

Step Ups

 Think of this exercise as a ‘Step Climbing ‘exercise. This routine targets your butt, thighs, abdomen, and back.


  • Get a box or bench.
  • Step on the box/bench with your right foot.
  • Bring up your left foot, not to stand on the box but to hang in the air.
  • Step down, one foot after another, starting with your right foot.
  • Go up and down the step 10 to 15 times, in 3 sets.

The only way these work out routines can give you the desired result is if key into these routines, with all your heart, staying focused and determined to finish your sets and continue the day after.

Generally,bear it in mind that although these exercises do a great job in enhancing your butts, there is a lesser stressful way to achieve those butts goals of yours, without undergoing these above mentioned rigorous routines.

Butt enhancement pills and cream are the new and safe butt enhancement ways to achieve bigger and rounder butts. These butt growth creams and supplements are made to save you from hurting your body by going under the knife, and also minimize the stress of tedious exercises to the barest minimum.

Different online and offline cosmetics stores are filled with diverse butt lifting creams and butt supplements, which can make searching for authentic butt pills and the best butt enhancer creams difficult and impossible.

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