Female Butt | Various types of buttocks. Which do you prefer?

Female Butt | Various types of buttocks. Which do you prefer?

3 Types Of Female Butts

The trendy obsession of women with their butts cannot be ignored, as women all around the world are awakening to the appreciation of their bodies, especially their butts. They now realize how important the butts are and how gorgeous they can be if they look in a particular way.
This realization is propelling women to give more attention to their butts and know more about their butts, starting from the shapes of female butts.
Although it looks like all women have the same shape of butts, the truth is that just as the sizes vary, the shapes of female butts also vary. The shapes of butts are determined by how the pelvis is placed with the hip bones, the attachment of the thigh bones to the muscles in the butt, and the shape of the muscles in the butts.
It is essential to know the different types of butt shapes in women so that this knowledge would help you make the right decisions concerning your butts.

types of female butts

what does the shape of your buttocks mean ?

Square Shape

One of the most common types of female butts among the different shapes of butts is the square shape. This butt shape looks like the letter H, which sort of looks like a square. Women with this butt shape have the same width of thighs and hips, they lack some Gluteus Maximus and have a little amount of fat on the sides.

Heart or Pear Shape

You would find this butt shape among models. Butts with this shape are flatter upwards, and rounder below, which means women with this type of female butts have slim waistline and round hips and butts. Such female butts are more similar to an inverted heart than an original heart.

"V" Shape

This butt shape is common among women who are experiencing menopause and women who have narrow hips and broad shoulders. Their waistline is full and wide while their thighs are narrow to form the letter ‘V’.

female butt


Some of the butt shapes up there require to be worked on, either to reduce the excess fat, build and strengthen the butt muscles, or to firm and form the butts. For instance, the square-shaped butts need to be reshaped to boost the muscles in the butts.
For the heart/pear shaped butts, attention should be placed on the hips and butts so they don’t sag as time goes on.
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