Buttock Enhancement Supplements

Buttock Enhancement Supplements


There are very few butt lotions that can help boost the growth of tissues in your buttocks, and one of them in particular is the buttock enhancement supplements sold at curvypure

There are downsides to sitting your backside, especially for a long period of time. It heightens the risk of developing diseases like certain cancers, heart diseases, diabetes and a reduced quality of life. What most people do not seem to notice is that sitting your rear for a stretch of time regularly can predispose you to a condition known as “gluteal amnesia”, which is also referred to as “Dead Butt Syndrome”.

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Dead Butt Syndrome is the inflammation of one of the muscles of your buttocks gluteus medius. Inflammation of this muscle can lead to reduced functionality and even loss of function. This occurs as a result of restriction of blood flow owing to long sitting time. When your buttocks suffer from gluteal amnesia, you will feel aches along your lower back, pain in your hip and discomfort in your ankles.

Dead butt syndrome will make it a tad difficult for you to perform optimally when performing workout routines. Many studies have shown how your glutes sitting for a long period of time can compromise how our glutes contract and operate.


A quick way to decipher if you have dead butt syndrome is to use a physical test called “Trendelenburg test”. When doing this test, you are mandated to raise one leg while on a standing position. If you observe that the side of your body with a raised leg dips, it is an indicator that the gluteal muscle on the opposite region is weak.


It should come as a relief to know that you can totally prevent gluteal amnesia. In situations where your butt has already been inflamed, you can reverse the condition. Encouraging, right? The most effective way of warding off a dead butt is to attain a healthy and very active lifestyle. It is advisable to take some time off to engage in some stretches, strolls or just stand up.

A rule of thumb is to get on your feet 10 minutes for every 1 hour you sit, this will prevent your gluteal muscles from falling asleep. In addition to you incorporate exercises like wide stance jump squats, side lunges, side steps with bands and kettlebell squats. Also, there are some products that can help prevent your buttocks from falling asleep.

To reduce the incidence of a dead butt, make sure the muscles on your butt stay happy always. A newfangled means of doing this is by massaging your butt regularly with a buttock enhancement cream and also taking buttock enhancement supplements to nourish your buttocks.

Applying a butt lotion from time to time helps improve the circulation of blood in your rear and also keep the muscles there very active.Butt pills may not do much to prevent dead butt, however, they will help keep your hormonal levels under check. A healthy hormonal level equals a healthy backside.

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