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Getting a butt job is one of the best things that can happen to any woman, with big butts becoming the rave of the moment. It is very advantageous to want to increase the size and boost the shape of your buttocks.

Of a fact, it can be fascinating, thrilling and exhilarating to move from team #flatbutt and #shapelessbutt to team #bigandroundbutt. You can't wait to get it done and show it to your friends, followers and the world through social media platforms.

You can't wait to look gorgeous in those denim and tight fitted gowns and skirts. Trust us, we understand your love and crave for these beauties.

But in as much as you crave and want big, sexy and round butts so bad, things can go south when you get them the wrong way.

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You can get them the wrong ways when you undergo butt surgeries, or when you make use of counterfeit butt enhancement products. You don't want to imagine how crazy things can get with you, your health and your life when you achieve butt enhancement the wrong way.

If you are still in doubt of what could go awry if you get a lousy butt job, here are a few examples of what can go wrong.

Reasons You Shouldn't Get A Bad Butt Job.

  • For those who go under the knife (All forms of surgical butt enhancement procedures), they are at the risk of bleeding to death if the surgery is not performed by professionals.


Not only that, there are possibilities of getting the wrong implants into the butts, which can cause some life-threatening allergies and infections, such as butt cancer.

Also, there could be an issue of blood clotting, instability, and movement of butt implants to other parts of the body.

Not to forget butt augmentation complication (This is a case where the scar tissue inside the butts, forms a tight lump around the butt implants, causing it to become misshapen), and butt implants rupturing, which can cause ulceration, and finally lead to necrosis.

Necrosis is the killing of the cells in a tissue or organ of the body, due to lack of blood supply.

  • For those who use counterfeit and unhealthy butt enhancement products: Fake butt enhancement pills and butt lifting creams will do more harm than good to your butts and bodies also.
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When fake butt growth pills are ingested, instead of them to help to increase the butts sizes, they go ahead to harm our vitals, such as the kidney and liver.

Bad butt enhancer creams will damage the butt skin, causing skin rashes, skin blotching, even something as deadly as skin cancer.

And when all these happen, the aim and goal of the whole butt enhancement thing are forfeited.  You won't be to achieve bigger butts, and you would have more severe health issues to battle with.


To avoid going under the knife and using substandard butt supplements and butt lifting creams, which is detrimental to the health, why not stick with something that would help you achieve your butt goals, and also keeping you safe and healthy?

Why not stick with CurvyPure butt enhancement products? These are products that have been tested over time, and health professionals have certified them as healthy and safe.

Not only that, they are made from ingredients that will not only enhance your butts but also nourish your skin and body, adding important nutrients to your body.

Give CurvyPure butt enhancement products and shot today, visit www.curvypure.com to order for these butt changing products.

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Pros Of Having Bigger Butts

CurvyPure butt lifting cream and butt growth pills are your safest bet when it comes to choosing the best butt enhancer cream and pills. This is so because they are made from natural herbs that don’t just boost the butts, these natural herbs hydrate the butt skin, moisturising it to keep it firm, in good shape and sexy.

To state categorically that big butt is currently the du jour part of the body is not exaggerating or over-hyping the value of bigger butts. Even if we want to exaggerate, the growing numbers of women gaining popularity on social media because of their big butts, coupled with the rising numbers of women undergoing diverse butt enhancement methods , are pointers to the fact that the moving train of bigger butt is here to stay, and it is not coming to a halt any time soon.

Even with this hype of big and round butts, lots of women don’t have an inkling as to what the fuss about big butt is all about. Some of them don’t even want to have anything to do with enhancing and boosting their petite derriere, because of the wrong information they have gotten concerning butt enhancement.

If you are a part of the above-mentioned school of thought, we have something to explain to you in this article. Kindly put your mind at ease and read to the last word, because this article aims is to enlighten and educate you on the reason why bigger butts are the rave of the moment, and the advantages of bigger butts to your life.

5_ Advantages Of Bigger Butts.

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Bigger Butts Are Beautiful, Attractive And Gorgeous

 This might sound vain and narcissistic, but that is the underlying truth. Women with bigger butts are found attractive than women with small butts, and not just by the opposite alone, even by their fellow women. Big butts are a sight for sore eyes; there is just something about big butts that pleases the eyes, melts the heart and stirs the groins.

Bigger Butts Protect Your Back

 When you have a big butt, your hips, back and knees are assisted in performing daily mobility activities, such as standing, walking and running.

Keeps You Healthy

 Bigger butts contain subcutaneous fat that helps to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart diseases, also manufacture hormones that aid in sugar metabolism. In addition, women with bigger butts have low LDL cholesterol, and high HDL cholesterol.

Serve As Cushion

 Sitting on a hard surface is quite tedious for women with small butts, as they don’t have adequate tissues, muscles and fat that can soften the effects of the hardness against their backside. But women with bigger butts won’t feel a thing at all.

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Helps You Twerk Perfectly

Yes, you read right. If your life’s ambition is to twerk for a living, then you need to know petite butts won’t take you farther than your doorstep. Only women with bigger butts can twerk seductively, and they are the ones who have the right tool to twerk, which is Bigger and rounder butts. A woman with small butt might try to twerk, but she might end up hurting her waist in the process.


We understand you might be scared of butt enhancement, because of the stories circulating about the dangers of some butt enhancement methods, must especially the surgical techniques. We understand your fears about that, and that is why we are recommending that you try the butt enhancement cream and butt enhancement supplement from CurvyPure.

Based on the preceding points, we want to believe that we have been able to convince you that bigger butts are the best thing to happen to any woman and that you should give butt lift cream a try if you are on the petite size.

Give CurvyPure a try today and trust us you’d be so glad you did. Visit curvypure to order for these wonder-working butt supplement and buttock enhancement pills.

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