Butt Lift Exercises

Butt Lift Exercises

The butt is the most prized asset in the body, and with the daily advancements in science and tech, you can get your desired butt size when you want. There are options of dieting and using butt enhancement pills or creams and if you feel going under the knife is too much risk to take, you should consider a butt enhancer cream/butt pills alongside diet and  exercises butt lift . These methods are effective.

The journey to growing bigger butts can be more comfortable with exercises. Below, we’ll walk you through the five (5) best butt exercises you can try for bigger butt the next time you hit the gym.

The Hip Thrust

There’s no better way to turn on your hips than using the hip thrust butt exercise. The exercise helps sculpt and grow your glutes. To aid your workouts, order Curvypure our plant-based butt plumping system.

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Hip Thrust Techniques

Lie on your back and bend your knees at 90-degree angles. With your hip wide apart, place your feet flat on the floor and tilt your pelvis back so that your lower back flattens against the floor. Push through your feet and when your hips are high, place your fingertips on your forehead to elevate your shoulder and feet.

Good Morning

The perfect good morning exercise, plus you can apply some butt lotion before starting. The flexibility of the activity lets you stand or sit while at it. If standing is your thing, try sticking your butt out and tilting the neck forward. The movement sends stretches down to your claves and hit your glutes in the right places.


The glutes are activated when you set them in motion with the deadlift exercise. You can check out the best cream for butt growth and judiciously make use of after you return from the gym. The exercise works best with weightlifting. To achieve this, stand tall with your shoulder in a neutral position. Next, lift the weight and make sure your shoulder blades are together when doing so.

butt workouts Sliding Leg Curl

The exercise entails bridging the hips to set the glutes to work. With your hips in a bridge position, attempt pulling your leg towards your glute. You can also keep your legs away from the floor when making a pull towards the glute. For faster results, you can include a butt enhancement supplement.

Bulgarian Split Squat

This exercise helps to stabilize movements on a single-leg. With this exercise, you activate the quadriceps and strengthen the muscle’s fibre. To make the process even smoother, you will need a good butt lifting cream and some butt enhancement pills. Start by standing a couple of feet away from the bench. Bend the right leg and keep the right leg and keep it at 90 degrees when the body lurches forward. When your body alternates with the position of your left leg, push it back and then start all over again.

Exercise Your Glutes to Glory

 A round butt would look good on anyone, but a well-shaped glute brings out the killer curves. Strong, toned glutes keep the vital parts of the body (such as ankles and knees) in alignment and improve the flexibility of your movement.


While you are killin’ it with exercises, you may want to include a butt lift cream and proper diet to get faster results. Getting the perfect butt enhancer cream can take long sometimes even with

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( exercises butt lift ), which is why we recommend Curvypure, our plant-based and effective butt enhancement cream for butt growth.
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