Butt Enhancer Pill

Butt Enhancer Pill

Exercises and diet alone may not be effective for this purpose, hence the need to use some exogenous sources might be of utmost importance. This is why you should go for buttuck enhancer pill, ( Estrogen Pills For Buttocks ) and a butt cream that works.

Waist-Hip-Ratio (WHR) usually manifests in form of a slender waist, burgeoning hips and a full, curvy posterior. We must say that the attraction stemming from a difficult to ignore waist-hip-ratio varies from one person to another, is highly personal and influenced by cultures.

Quite a number of studies have stated that the waist-hip-ratio measurement is a strong indicator of how healthy an individual is and how fertile the said person always is. A low waist-hip-ratio signifies a healthy heart, high quality of life and topnotch wellbeing while women with a high waist-hip-ratio are at risk of various debilitating illnesses.

It is believed that fertility and fecundity are some of the strongest suits of women with low waist hip ratio. A study conducted at the University of Wroclaw, Poland proved that a low waist-hip-ratio has a correlation with the potential of women to become very reproductive in the future. The study involved taking the WHR of 1000 women, between the ages 13 to 95.

The result proved that there was a direct relationship between the number of children some of the women had and their waist-hip-ratios. It was also discovered that most of the women with a high-waist-ratio had lower WHR before they had children. It thus means that women with waist-hip ratio does not only predict fertility of women in the future but also clearly a reflection of how fertile they were in the past.

In addition to all that have been said earlier,  Bilkent University’s psychologist; Dr. David Lewis reports that women with bigger butts who spines are naturally curved, usually have a smooth sailing in pregnancy and carry different fetuses to full term without having to worry if they will injure their spine.


A butt lotion and butt growth pills contain some vital components that have been proven to increase the buildup of protective fat in your lower body and also boost the levels of female sex hormone; estrogen, albeit in a natural way.

While it is evident that there are other factors that might play significant roles in how fertile a woman is, it is important to know that staying healthy is key. A healthy lifestyle modification which involves adopting healthy eating practices and a good workout plan will help reduce your waist-hip ratio.

There are numerous brands of butt enhancer pills and butt enhancement cream sprawled across the shelves of beauty stores but one outstanding brand we love to for our supply is CurvyPure


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