There are so many ways through which people think they can achieve big butts naturally. Some people think it is by eating some types of food, so they eat every butt enhancement foods they can lay hands on. 

And for some folks, they believe it is by engaging in series of work out routines, so they engage their bodies in exercises such as squats, hip thrusts, Kettlebell and so on. (You can also check our previous posts on how exercises can help enhance your butts)

But some people believe in the school of thought, which opines that engaging in sexual activities can help a woman increase her butts.

Sex is all about inserting the penis into the vagina in different styles, and as a result of this, some hormones are released to make the couple reach a sexual peak called orgasm.

According to studies, there are different hormones released during the act of sex, and they are Dopamine, Estrogen, Oxytocin and Progesterone.

These hormones are claimed to be responsible for the following changes in the body of the woman especially.

• Increase and toning of the breast and butts

• Expansion and arousal of the vagina.

• Happiness and sedation after sex.

Some other pro-sex folks also claim that asides from the hormones, some sex styles helps the woman to increase and tone her butts.

They are of the opinion that sex styles such as cowgirl, wheelbarrow and doggy helps to firm and increase the glutes muscles.

The anti-sex folks are not buying these two posits mentioned above.

They claim that although some of the above-mentioned points might be true of the effects of sexual intercourse, they are no evidence to support these claims.

No woman has ever stated that having sex in a particular style, has helped to firm or increase her butts.

Yes, they agree that sex can make expand and arouse the vagina, and also cause euphoria in the woman, no scientific study has shown that these hormones released during sex, actually enhance the butts.

Now we are torn between what school of thought to go with, it would have been so easy to go with the Pro-sex folks, but since there are no empirical evidences to prove that both the hormones and sex styles are butt enhancement methods, then we have to go with Anti-sex folks.

This might come as a shock and disappointment, to women who have been banking on using sex to enhance their butts.

But not to worry darlings, there are more genuine and certified ways of increasing your butts without sexual penetration.

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Big booty women : BOLD AND BOOTYFUL

The days of body-shaming women for their endowments are light years behind us, women with voluptuous bodies especially those who have protruded backsides no longer feel insecure about what their mama gave them. So, let’s appreciate the curvy divas especially those who are big, bold and bootyful.

We particularly love women like Amber Rose who have changed the narrative that beauty has ambient standards. These women are not only on the bigger size, their butts can make the proverbial Satan say “Oh My God”.

It is quite saddening for some big and bold ladies with flat butts, their minds are usually plagued by wishes for a bigger derriere. As a lady, if you find yourself in this part of the divide we can help you out with a few hacks that will yield positive results. Mind you, we are not talking about procedures like liposuction and butt augmentation.

We will walk you through the path of a pain-free, result-oriented, affordable and no recovery time plan.


Growing what Mother Nature has blessed you with is not an overnight feat. You need to engage in some routines like dietary modification, a strict workout plan and use of butt enhancer supplements/creams.

Mind you, you need a fitness routine not because you do not look amazing just the way you are, the aim of exercises at this juncture is to target specific muscles in your glutes. Exercise acts like an activator to the gluteus maximus of your butt. If you are looking for being bootyful, doing different set of reps of exercises like deadlifts, squats, lunges and cardio will help you to be big booty women.

While diets alone will not do much to increase the junk in your trunk in a short while, they have proven to a helpmates that facilitate the rate at which your butt grows. Sources of food like fish (rich in Omega 3 fatty acids), avocado pear, healthy cooking oils, nuts and lean proteins should form the bulk of your diet.

To build muscles for a firmer and taut booty, you need protein.

While exercises and diets will improve how your posterior looks, you might notice a few inches after some time. This can be discouraging, we know. That is why we advise you throw a good butt enhancer cream and butt growth pills into the mix.


To reap amazing benefits while on this journey to a bigger butt, it is highly recommended to use a butt enhancement cream and butt supplement. A butt cream that works must contain some well-known plant-based herbal extracts which have been proven to trigger the synthesis of fat. It should also contain moisturizing essential oils that will keep the skin on your butt supple.

In the same vein, a good butt enhancement supplement should be packed with botanical components that plays active role in the synthesis of fat cells and production of estrogen. Some of these botanical extracts include dandelion root, fenugreek, maca root, kelp and some other butt-loving nutrients.

To become more bootyful, you can shop for butt enhancement pills and the best buttock enhancer cream from

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