Big Butt

Big Butt

When it comes to butts, there are literally no ‚Äúifs‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúbuts‚ÄĚ, every butt enthusiast wants to get her junk in her trunk, then move on.

In the bid to enlarge their buttocks, women are adopting all forms of position during coitus just because they believe that intimacy will dramatically increase the size of their rear. Is this a myth or miracle? Read this before you wear your partner out in bed.

It is true that a certain type of hormone (estrogen) makes our butts bigger and having intercourse releases hormones into our bodies, but sorry to burst your bubbles, sex for butt advocates. The main hormones released by your body during copulation are oxytocin, dehydroepiandrosterone and dopamine. Estrogen levels are released in the bodies of women who engage in intercourse but when this happens, it is only for a short while.

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Nicknamed ‚Äúlove hormone‚ÄĚ for how closer it makes us become with our partner, Oxytocin has no effect on the size of your butt. In the same vein, the ‚Äúhappy hormone‚ÄĚ, dopamine released during intimacy will not increase the size of your buttocks. Dopamine will only make you feel really good.

According to quotes by gynecologist, Dr. Wilken-Jensen, coitus will does not cause stimulation of any hormone that performs long term. She further reiterated that oxytocin which is secreted during this will only make you aroused and nothing more. The only part of this claim that holds water is that women who are sexually satisfied tend to perceive their overall outlook in another light.

In a nutshell, copulation won’t change your butt size but it will alter how you see your appearance.


While rolling in the sack may not do the job, there are other proven means that will get your booty real nice and curvy. One of the best routes to go is by using butt lotions and butt pills, which are specially made to make your derriere pop.

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Butt enhancement pills contain powerful herbal extracts like Maca root, dandelion root and fenugreek, to boost your estrogen levels which will in turn cause an enlargement in your rear. Who needs intercourse when herbal extracts can get the job done?

A buttock enhancement cream contains some essential components that take part in the stimulation of the fat cells in your butt. Some of the ingredients you should look out for in a good butt cream that works include herbal extracts and oils. Oils help to make the skin covering your buttocks very soft and supple.

Thankfully, there are many high-end brands that produce butt enhancer pills and top butt enhancement cream but the products that rank high on are list are sold at In all honesty, you do not need constant copulation to increase the size of your buttocks when you have top-of-the-range herbal mixtures at your beck and call.

3 exercises for big butt and bigger butt creams

Having a big butt is one of the best things to happen to any woman, trust me no woman wants to have a compact or almost invisible butt. This is the plain truth. Forget the fact that we tell ourselves that we need to love our body the way it is, the truth is, ALL WOMEN LOVE TO HAVE A CONSIDERABLE AMOUNT OF BUTT.

having big butt

Apart from the obvious fact that a¬†big butt¬†makes you attractive not just to the opposite sex, but to everyone. Ever seen women who tell you they crave Nicki Minaj‚Äôs body? They do because she has the shape of a goddess ‚ÄĒ a gorgeous body.

 So, having a big butt is something that won’t only make the opposite sex come after you, it would make your fellow women crave to have what you have.

Asides that, there are other less vain and conceited reasons why bigger butts are better than small and Lilliputian-sized butts. Women with big butts procreate highly intelligent children. Guess you didn’t know that before right?

Yes, it is believed that the butt stores Omega 3 fatty acids, which the body of the mother accesses when breastfeeding. These fats help to develop and boost the mental capacity of the newborn.

Not only that, women with bigger butts get to carry their pregnancy quite easily than women with smaller butts. The big butt will help to balance the weight of the pregnancy. Also, women with bigger butts tend not to be at risk of heart and liver diseases.

how having big butt

 After all said above, tell me, what is there not to love about big butts?

But, It is quite unfortunate that the gap between women with bigger butts, and those with smaller butts, is such a wide one, and women with small butts are doing quite a lot of things to bridge that gap.

Either by engaging in exercises that would help build the muscles in the butts namely:  the gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and gluteus maximus, with the gluteus maximus being the largest muscles in the human body. Or making use of butt enhancement tools such as pills and creams.

3 EXERCISES for big butt :

_ Leg lift
_ Bridges
  • Squat: To say squat is the most common¬†butt enhancing exercise, is an understatement of the century.¬† Squats build the butt as well as the legs too.

STEPS: To squat, you need to stand legs wide apart, with upper body upright and chest out.

Bend as if you want to sit on an imaginary chair, then rise and sit. You can decide to do this as many times as you can manage, and as many as three times a day.

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This is the basic squat moves. To get advanced, you can decide to add weights to your squats. You can lift barbells or dumbbells simultaneously as you squat.

  • Leg lift: This particular¬†exercise¬†doesn‚Äôt only help with the¬†butt, it also helps with building the lower abdomen.

STEPS : To perform Leg lifts, you lie on a floor, probably on a mat or clothing, placing your hands beside you on the floor.

Raise your legs in the air starting from the hips region, keeping the legs locked together in the process.

Hold the raised leg for about 30 seconds, and drop. Repeat for as many as 15 times.

  • Bridges: Bridges are another¬†butt¬†building moves for your¬†butt. They also help to strengthen the back of the thigh, and abdominal muscles.

STEPS : Lie on your back, keeping your legs firmly on the and apart but not too widely apart.

Thrust your hips upwards, and hold it there for about 10 seconds, and then lower your hips.

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Repeat this 10 -15 times.

To get the best of these moves mentioned above, you have to be dedicated and focused, never missing any day of the exercises.   

make use of butt enhancement pills and cream.  Getting authentic butt enhancement pills and creams, that wouldn’t have adverse effects on the body system, might be an arduous task, so I am recommending CURVYPURE butt enhancer creams and butt enhancer supplements.

CURVYPURE butt enhancer creams and supplements are made from ingredients that work wonders and are also clinically safe for your body and environment. To know more about this butt changing products, visit CurvyPure for more details.


Getting Bigger Butts Within Your Budget

Vying for a change in the size and structure of the buttocks and hips has become a trending issue all around the world now. Butt enhancement cosmetic procedures are the fastest growing, and trending cosmetic produces in the world at the moment.

Women with flat butts now have the opportunity to increase their butt sizes, and change how they look through the use of different butt enhancement procedures.

These butt enhancement methods differ in procedures and ways, and they also differ by prices. Butt surgeries are the most expensive butt enhancement procedures around.

Although the prices vary, according to 2017 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,  the average costs of the surgical butt procedures are as follow, Brazilian Butt Lift is $5,113, fat grafting is $4,096, and butt implants is $4,884.

This is how costly it is to undergo butt surgeries that won’t last for an extended period, that might be risky to your body and health, and that you have to do contionously if you want to sustain that butt.

These intricacies will make you wonder if the huge amount you are spending on butt surgeries is worth the whole stress.

big butt

Because of this, it is better to spend that massive amount of money on more profitable things, such as investments, and taking care of yourself, instead of wasting it on deadly and dangerous ventures called butt surgeries.

Of a fact, you don’t have to break the bank or go bankrupt because you want to get a big butt. A big butt is the least most important person for any human, although it has its health and beauty benefits. There are more pressing things to life than a big butt. You have different bills to pay, and various investments to go into, not to mention upgrading your careers and businesses.

Getting a big butt is a goal, but go through it the right way. And the right way is the least expensive and danger-free method of enhancing your buttocks, is to make use of CurvyPure butt enhancement cream and butt supplement.

CurvyPure butt growth creams and butt pills go a very long way in making sure that the sizes and shape of your butts, correspond with your whole body structure. You don’t have to worry about having bigger and irregular buttocks while the rest of your body remains the same.

That is not how CurvyPure butt lifting cream and butt enhancement pills work. They work to enhance your buttocks, while at the same balancing your body silhouette, and giving you the perfect figure 8 shape effortlessly without you going outside your set budget.

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CurvyPure butt enhancement products are affordable; you can use them continuously for as long as you want to, without having to worry about losing or wasting cash.


bigbutts | Curvypure Butt enhancement is a very thing to do, but it is not a do or die affair, neither does it worth you breaking the bank, or going overboard with your spending. Do that which you won’t have cause to regret over.

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