Killer Curves

Killer Curves

In a few months, it will be that time of the year again – a time for sunscreens and flaunting curves in tiny bikinis. And now, you remember that gorgeous swimsuit you’d have picked last week but couldn’t for just one reason. It would never look great on your derriere like it would on a chick with a much fuller rear.

You’ve had it, and now you’re out scraping the web yourself for a butt enlargement method that works, not hear says.

From our title, you may have figured that strict butt workout routines alone do very little for your lower back region. And you’re correct!

Here’s a fun fact: most times, getting a bigger butt is more about the kitchen than the gym. That is; you may do even the most complex butt routines and discover it still does nothing for you.

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No, we’re not suggesting that you eat more junks/fattening food.  Butt-building is a lot more than that chugging in more calories. It is eating the right food like the ones outlined in this article, in the right amount and aiding it with exercises, a good butt supplement, and a butt lift cream.


Beans remain some of the best proteins for building glutes, and they are super-affordable and available everywhere. They are low in fat, rich in fiber, muscle-building protein, and amino acids. While preparing may demand a little bit more effort, the reward is worth it.

Some of the best and highly recommended beans include; kidney beans, chickpeas, and white beans. There are also several other equally nutritious ones you can get.


For a bigger butt, you need a generous amount of protein in your diet to sustain and maintain growth. Steak is a terrific source of protein and would help your glutes bulk up.

After an intense workout routine, reward yourself with a steak for dinner and a generous rub of your preferred butt lotion, and maybe have your buttock enlargement supplement after.


Milk has remained one of the best and healthiest beverages trusted by bodybuilders and fitness models everywhere. Milk is excellent for fast absorption and muscle recovery leading to growth.

Just one cup of milk offers you up to 9 grams of protein and amino acids required for glute development. Go figure!

It is also excellent for making healthy fruits and vegetable smoothies as it gives your drink a creamy texture.


Plain Greek yogurt

Yogurts are some of the healthiest beverages you can consume for butt building. And if you’re considering making yogurt a regular part of your diet, you want to go for Greek yogurt with much higher protein content than other types. Also, you should avoid the ones packed with sugar and flavor and sweeten instead with fresh fruits like strawberries, apples or bananas.


Nuts are delicious and also one food you should consume for a bigger butt. Rich in healthy fats and proteins for building your gluteal muscles, nuts help to reduce cholesterol levels and constipation significantly. Nuts also contain considerable amounts of protein and minerals. Some examples of highly nutritious nuts include almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts, etc.

Pork tenderloin

If you’re a pork lover, instead of bacon, pork tenderloin is a healthy option; it contains protein and is relatively lean. You get up to 22 grams of protein from just three ounces of pork tenderloins.  Plus, grilling is easy!

Brown rice

A good source for carbohydrates and fiber, brown rice is best consumed after a workout session. The carbs contained in brown is needed for energy to help sustain the muscle mass during your butt exercises.

It contains zinc, fewer calories, promotes digestion, and decreases the risk of heart diseases.

It is also rich in protein and amino acids needed for muscle growth. A cup of cooked brown rice gives you up to 5 grams of protein. So, pick a pack the next time you’re at the store.

Others include; chicken, eggs, quinoa, avocados, chickpeas, turkey, spinach, oatmeal, cottage cheese, flaxseeds, greens, etc.

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In order to learn how to eat your way to killer curves, there are nutrient-dense foods to help you gain curves. Combine these with intense butt workouts, good butt pills, a butt cream that works, and you are steps closer to your goal of achieving a curvier and bigger rear.

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