Flat Ass

Flat Ass

For women in this age where big and curvaceous butts are the order of the day, having a flat butt might look like the greatest sin you can ever commit as a woman.

For a man, having flat ass can be pardonable, but for an adult woman, it is a no-no considering how big and round butts have taken over the internet, and the several advantages attached to having big butts.

Although having flat ass can be tad annoying and unsexy, but in all fairness, women with flat butts are not to blame at all for their butt predicament, some of them don’t even understand why they have flat butts in the first place.

If you are in this category, then this article is just for us. We are looking at a few reasons you might have a flat butt.

Reasons For Flat Butts.

Dormant butt syndrome /Lazy Bum

As the names imply, this is a medical condition that occurs when your butts are dormant/inactive, meaning you are not working your butts enough.

This problem originates from sitting on your butts for too long, this makes the gluteal muscles weak and the hip flexors very tight.

 If you are the type that your job requires sitting in a place for a very long time, or you love to sleep on your side with your knees curled up to your chest, then that might be the major cause of your flat butts. You need to make sure that you walk around, stretching your muscles once in a while.


Another reason your butts are not as big as you want them, are your genes. If you come from a family where the women don’t have big butts, there is every possibility that you would have a small butt.


 Some women store fats in their butts while growing up, but as they advance in age and experience menopause, the stored fats in their butts move to their stomach and other parts of the upper body, leaving the flat butt ( flat ass )

So, there you have it, three cogent and valid reasons you might be suffering from flat butts

But you don’t need to feel terrible yet; it’s not over for you.  Having a flat butt/ass is not the end of the world, neither do flat butts make you less human.

The beauty of it all is that you can change your butt story if you want to. There is a sure way you can enhance your butts without any side effects,  and that is through the use of butt enhancement products, which includes butt enhancement pills and butt lifting creams.

These butt growth creams and enhancement supplements help to increase the size of your butts, lift and work on the appearance of your buttocks, and finally, you will not have to worry about cellulite or any other skin diseases.

Butt pills and butt lift creams are the solutions to your flat butt situation.  They can help to remedy the situation faster than any other thing can. 

With butt enhancement products from a brand like CurvyPure, trust me your flat butts are in safe hands, and before you know, these health-friendly and natural butt enhancer creams and butt growth pills will definitely help to increase your flat butts and give you the best big and round butts you can ever dream of.

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