Butt Supplements

Butt Supplements

Antioxidants are substances that inhibit the production of reactive oxygen species also called free radicals, which causes damage to living cells. Free radicals are unstable compounds produced by the body, as a result of external factors like environmental pressure. Due to the ability of antioxidants to scavenge free radicals, they are also referred to as “free radicals scavengers.”

Antioxidants can either from natural or synthetic sources. However, the importance of a natural source of antioxidant cannot be exaggerated. Most plant-based food substances are believed to be rich in antioxidants; this is why they are fondly called phytonutrients. It doesn’t come as a shock to know that the body synthesizes its antioxidant, such antioxidants are called “endogenous antioxidants.

There are different factors that cause the body to produce free radicals; they include; pollution, exposure to ultraviolet rays, pollution, and smoke from cigarettes. When these oxygen species are produced they can cause certain health conditions like cancer, stroke, heart disease, arthritis and Parkinson’s disease.


There are numerous types of antioxidants which can be gotten from plant sources. They include; vitamins A, C and E, beta-carotene, selenium, lycopene and manganese. Another group of antioxidants is flavones, catechins, and polyphenols.

, flavonoids and phytoestrogens.


There are numerous food items that supply the body with enough phytoestrogens to ward off the effects of free radicals. Some of these sources are; flaxseeds, soybeans, tofu, sesame seed, hummus, chestnuts, green bean, and corn.


Asides food items, there are also some herbs that have phytoestrogen properties. Some of these herbs include; dong quai, ginseng, licorice root, and black cohosh.


In addition to the above-named benefits, antioxidants can help keep your system healthy especially if you are trying to increase the size of your buttocks by eating a diet rich in natural antioxidants or taking dietary supplements for butt building also called butt enhancement supplements.

The main antioxidants in butt enhancer pills are the phytoestrogens which help to protect the body against cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers. Phytoestrogens usually attach to estrogen receptors and cause estrogen-like effects in the bodies of women.

A study conducted by Mitchell et al., 1998 claimed that the antioxidant properties of phytoestrogens are as a result of their donation of hydrogen through hydroxyl groups. Also, phytoestrogens were shown to play a significant role in the inhibition of lipid peroxidation.

Buttock enhancement pills from reputable brands are usually formulated using phytoestrogens and one of the main sources of phytoestrogen with antioxidant property is soy. If you are on the lookout for a high-end butt growth pill, you should go for the one that contains phytoestrogens in controlled doses.

Ever since some of our readers tried the butt supplement from www.curvypure.com, they got hooked. This dietary supplement for butt building contains components like dong quai and soy, which does not only increase the rate of estrogen in the body but also boosts the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress.

Butt Enhancement Mistakes That Impedes Butt Growth

While you can’t build a Kardashian size butt overnight, you are not stuck with the “pea size” butt. There are several ways to get around an infinitesimal butt, ways to give the butt some physical enhancements. We can choose to get a butt job done surgically, use butt supplements, butt enhancement pills or we can go all natural by doing work-outs. However, for most of the options above, we may still experience difficulties if we do not avoid some simple butt mistakes. Thanks to experience and some researches, we’ve come up with seven blunders that could impede your natural butt growth process.

Protein Deficient Diet

Most butt enhancement flops usually revolve around dieting mistakes. While it’s important to put a lot of time into work-outs, you’ll almost never see noticeable results if you are repeatedly indulging in the wrong diet. One of the most popular dieting mistakes among ladies is eating food with minimal protein. Muscles and protein go hand in hand; there’s just no way you will grow some butt muscles without a diet rich in protein.  It is therefore advisable to get at least 1 gram of protein per pound of your body weight daily. Some recommended sources of protein are meats, eggs, fish and soybeans.

Excessive Fat Intake

So many ladies trying to grow big butt are guilty of this one. Usually, the logic is that taking enough fat will help them gain weight in their butt. But this is almost always a very flawed assumption. We cannot gain weight or accumulate fat in the same spot; this is genetically determined. While you may gain more weight or collect more fat on your legs, the next person could be genetically designed to add weight in the butt. Even if your genes favor your butt for weight gain, taking excessive fat will only deposit a disproportionate amount of fat in your butt. True, your butt will appear bigger; but unattractive and shapeless, which isn’t the objective.

Excessive Cardio Exercises

For butt enhancement, cardio exercises are designed to burn excess calories and give your butt that perfect round and firm appearance. Cardio workouts generally boost your cardiovascular health and strengthen your muscles. However, undergoing excessive cardio work-outs could be your greatest undoing. Excessive cardio work-outs will overwork your muscles and may trigger break down of your butt muscles. An ideal cardio work-out should be between 10 to 15 minutes.

Crash Dieting

Crash Dieting is a big mistake especially if a qualified dietician doesn’t plan it. Dramatically reducing the amount of food or calories intake will make your body try to fight back. Initially, your body may try to adapt to the new reality, but due to a lack of calories, your body starts eating at your butt muscles and muscles generally, leading to a significant loss of valuable muscles and tissue in the butt area.

Rushing Through Work-Outs

Rushing through your work-outs could be counter-productive to your butt enhancement goals. Perhaps to achieve faster results, ladies make the mistakes of making quicker steps repetition like swinging their weights too fast. Increasing the tempo of your exercise will cause a variation in the results you get. Going slow on your squats and deadlifts will effectively stimulate your butt muscle growth. On the contrary, you may only gain more strength rather than build muscles by doing your work-out repetition to fast or explosively.

Wrong Butt Enhancement Cream

Using the wrong butt enhancer cream is a common mistake among many hoping to grow big butts. This is exacerbated by the assortment of fake butt enlargement creams in the market. There are probably more imitations than genuinely working ones. Since both the fakes and genuine products are advertised exhaustively, it’s usually pretty hard to tell a butt cream that works. Do well to avoid any butt lotion that is thick and greasy with possibly toxic contents. Thick and oily products are usually difficult for the body to absorb and it could end up sitting on your skin. The best butt enhancement creams are made light and smooth from natural products like herbs. If you are unsure of which to get, we strongly recommend using Curvypure butt enhancement products.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is both physically and mentally restorative – and believe it or not; you’ll need enough sleep to grow a bigger butt. For quality butt enhancement, rest should be considered just as important as eating right and doing enough butt work-outs. If you have poor sleeping habits or trouble falling or staying asleep, finding a remedy to this may be a vital step. Granted, lack of sleep may cause weight gain in some ladies, especially if it forces you to change your eating habits. But then for the majority of people, this could lead to a breakdown of muscles tissues and in this case your butt muscles.

While we would all love to get the best results from our work-outs and butt enhancement supplements, little mistakes could significantly impede our progress. Paying attention to our lifestyle and adjusting our diets can help put us back on track to achieve our butt goals.

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