Butt Muscles

Butt Muscles


Butt fanatics pay so much attention to their butts and how to increase them, without really paying homage to the powerhouses of their derriere- the gluteal muscles. The musculature of your posterior goes a long way in determining how shapely and curvy your butt will look.
The gluteal muscles are comprised of mainly three muscles which are; the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The names of these three muscles was coined from the Latin words which means maximum, medium and minimum respectively.


Gluteus Maximus is not only the chief muscle of your glute, it is the largest muscle in the human body. One astonishing fact about this muscle is that is plays a pivotal role in the movement of the upper leg. Such movements include extension of the upper legs and other functions like running and deadlifting. This muscle starts from the upper ilium of the body then terminates at the back of the lower sacrum, it is the reason why you buttocks look round.

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The second largest muscle of the buttocks is the gluteus medius which plays a huge role in how the hips are rotated medially. It also plays an active part in activities like running, walking and raising only one of the legs. When this muscle is compromised, it might affect a person’s gait.


The smallest of the muscles in the glutes; the triangle-shaped gluteus minimus which plays an important role in hip extension. It also plays a crucial role in how the upper leg is rotated and abducted. In addition, it works in synergy with its siblings; the gluteus medius and maximus to facilitate movement of the bottom half of the body.


The answer to this question is; Yes! These powerful trio can be increased when they get some good workouts to blast them. One of the best workouts to engage in is a deep squat. A study in America, performed at the Furman University reported that participants who engaged in deeper squats had more protruding derrieres than their counterparts who did parallel squats.

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The National Academy of Sports Medicine recommends that butt connoisseurs who aim to improve the size of their buttocks, should practice about 4 sets of deep squats, each set consisting of about 10 reps.

Glute Activation Exercises

In addition, it is recommended to consume a meal rich in lean proteins and nutrient-packed carbs, within an hour of exercising your gluteal muscles. The nutrients from such meals will “feed” the muscles and get absorbed at a faster rate when this occurs.

In addition to engaging in exercises and eating right, it is also advisable to throw in a butt enhancement supplement and a butt enhancement cream into your regimen.  A combination of these duo will help firm the skin on your buttocks while improving the level of fats which serve as cushion to these muscles. Very few butt lotion and butt growth pills work and a spectacular brand that has garnered lots of positive testimonials is CurvyPure.
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