Butt Implants

Butt Implants

Bigger butts are currently the real deal, and most women will do anything to get a glorified behind that would turn heads and blind eyes. These days a lot of women indulge in different activities to enhance their butt size. Some do workouts, others take butt pills or use buttock enhancement cream, and of course, many others undergo butt implant,

Butt implant, primarily used for augmentation surgery is the fastest route to a bigger and rounder behind, this is probably the reason why it has become so popular around the world. A data retrieved from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that butt lifts had a 250% increase in 2015.

Reasons Why You Should Think Twice About Getting a Butt Implant

Butt Implant Comes With Risk

While you might want a quick route to getting butts, you might want to reconsider implants as the risk may not be worth taking. Bum implant requires a foreign substance to be inserted into your butt region. The implant can move and change the shape of the buttocks over time especially when the patient adds weight. 

You will need to heal

Butt implantation and healing process are painful. After a butt implant, you are limited to less strenuous activities. Your body will need time to recover and going overboard may hurt you terribly.

Results Are Not Permanent

Anyone going through with implants should know that results are not permanent because an implant can stay in the body for a maximum of 12 years. Invariably, if you go through this butt enhancement procedure, you’ll need a replacement every decade. That means another painful process and restrictions to help your body heal.

Mistakes and Wrong Implantation

While undergoing a butt implant might help you achieve some bigger butt, your butt will not look natural because it is not. In fact, the shape might appear off, or your thighs may become too skinny for the butt they carry, and that means another procedure. You might find yourself going through one process to another once a new irregularity is detected.

If ever you want to overlook the risks and go for an implant, patronize an experienced and specialized doctor, so you do not experience complications or put your health and life at risk.

Best Alternative To Butt Implant

There are better and healthier ways to grow your butt size with going under the knife and putting your life at risk. Below are the best alternatives to butt implant.

Healthy Dieting

You may wonder if eating can do anything for your bum since you’ve been doing that all your life. The truth is, certain foods can improve the size of your bum when taken appropriately. Soya bean and nutmeg are such kinds of foods.

Butt Workouts

If you’d rather not risk your health and can struggle for what you desire, you might want to go a bit natural by doing exercises that target the butt region. Squats and lunges are good butt workouts. To see better results, you can include butt pills or butt enhancement cream that works.

Butt enlargement pills

Good butt enhancer pills often do great jobs. Though results may not be as swift as implants, butt pills are better, safer and can build up your thighs to complement your legs too.

Butt enhancer cream

Just like butt pills, a buttock enhancement cream will enhance the size of your backside if you use it to massage your bum regularly as directed.


While I do not recommend butt implants, the above alternatives are outstanding options if you desire bigger butts on a healthy body. If you are interested in butt enhancer pills and creams, visit www.curvypure.com


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